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 Издательский Дом "Очарованный странник"

/ Альманах «Мои Альпы»

Информационно – аналитическое иллюстрированное международное издание
Специальный выпуск 2014 г.
Выходит при поддержке компаний МКА "Центр Правовой Помощи" и NOVAGENCE ANZERE S.A.
Информационный партнер: Swiss Russian Forum, Zurich/Switzerland  

Авторский проект и концепция:

Владимир Максимов

Главный редактор:

Владимир Максимов

Первый заместитель главного редактора:

Владимир Годованюк

Художественный редактор:

Ольга Пирадова

 Общественный редакционно-издательский Совет:

Беатрис Г. Ломбард-Мартин, Владимир Муссалитин, Юрий Жуков, Игорь Казиков,  Владимир Аршинов, Атанас Тонтчев, Рафи Бетриси, Дмитрий Горбунов.

Информационноe содействие:

Swiss Russian Forum, Комитет по туризму региона Рона - Альп,
ООО «Ист-Вест», компания «Новажанс Анзер».

 Альманах «Мои Альпы» зарегистрирован:

 в Федеральной службе по надзору в сфере связи, информационных технологий и массовых коммуникаций (Роскомнадзор).

Свидетельство о регистрации:

ПИ № ФС77 – 42165;
Типография:  000 «Вива – Стар».
Тираж 7 000 экз. Цена свободная


AlPS TODAY review

The special illustrated release of International almanac "My Alps".
The assistance is political magazine of Parliament of the Russian Federation
«Russian Federation Today»

Format: 220 mm x 290 mm
Volume: 112 strips + 4 pages of a cover
Circulation: 7 000 copies

Distribution: regions of Russian Federation

Leaves: april, 2014

The concept.
   It is told about:
- countries of the alpine region - France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, etc.      
- spheres of tourism and business, economy and insurance, science and education, banking and medicine, winemaking and a delicatessen.
   The central theme of number –  tourism and hotels
The edition purpose.
   To make active interest of readers to mutually advantageous cooperation in various spheres of economy and banking, business and agriculture, culture and formation, tourism and medicine of the countries of the alpine region, in particular.
 The edition is addressed a wide range of the Russian readers, - to heads of administrations of regions and federal departments, businessmen, businessmen and bankers, scientists and arts, to workers of spheres of culture and tourism, formation and medicine.
86 regions of Russia, Moscow and St.-Petersburg, the countries of near and far abroad.
Advertising in a review.
The size (мм2)
The tariff (euro)
1 page
220 х 290
 4 000
1/2 page
220 х 145
 2 200
1/4 page
110 х  145
 1 200
1/8 page
110  х   70
2nd cover
 220 х 290
 7 750
3rd cover
 220 х 290
 7 125
4th cover
 220 х 290
11 500


Digital Ad Requirements

Apple Macintosh и PC
1.     Adobe Photoshop (up to v CS4):. TIFF, Photoshop EPS.
2.     Adobe Illustrator (up to v CS4):  EPS.
3.     PDF v1.3, соответствующий стандарту ISO 15930-1:2001 (PDF/X-1a:2001)
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator documents must not contain fonts. All fonts in EPS files must be converted into outlines. All fonts in Adobe Photoshop files must be rasterized.
Ad size
Trimmed size
Beyond trimmed size
Type area (A4)
220 w х 290 h mm
230 w х 300 h mm
Double page (A4)
440 w х 290 h mm
450 w х 300 h mm
1/2 page (horizontal)
194 w x 122 h mm
1/2 page (vertical)
94 w x 250 h mm
1/3 page (horizontal)
194 w x 80 h mm
1/3 page (vertical)
61 w x 250 h mm
1/4 page (horizontal)
94 w x 80 h mm
1/4 page (vertical)
94 w x 58 h mm
Ad size: Crop marks for full page ads should be at trim size 220 mm w x 290 mm h. Bleed ads should extend beyond trim crop marks by 5 mm on each side. Vital matter must be kept at least 10 mm away from trim edges.
Raster images (Adobe Photoshop): 300 dpi saved as TIFF or EPS. Color images must be CMYK. Do not compress graphics using JPEG or LZW. Don’t use the pre-separated DCS format of an EPS image. All fonts in Adobe Photoshop files must be rasterized. Don’t use layers and alpha channels. Clipping paths are acceptable.
Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator): saved as EPS. All colors must be CMYK. All fonts in EPS files must be converted into outlines. All raster images must be embedded.
Colors: All colors used should be CMYK. . Important! PMS colors always change to some extent when they are converted to four-color series. You can use Pantone Solid to Process Guide for reference.
In order to achieve a strong deep black in bigger coloursurfaces we recommend the use of 100% black, 50% cyan, 45% magenta and 40% yellow.
Color separation parameters: Ink Colors - Eurostandard (Coated); Black Generation – medium; Dot Gain - 18%; Separation Type - GCR; Minimal raster - 5%; Black Ink Limit - 95%; Total Ink Limit - 310%
Fonts: Fonts must be Postscript Type 1 only. Important! – Don’t use Multiple Master (MM) fonts. All fonts must be English or Russian language.

Line thickness

Don’t use “hairlines” when specifying the thickness of lines. The true thickness of hairlines varies depending on the software used and the printing resolution. Specify line thickness either in points or in millimeters. The smallest recommended line thickness is 0.25 points. We do not recommend to use thin lines with halftones or many colors. The minimum thickness of halftones or many colors lines is 2 points (for text - font size greater than 10 pt).
Electronic Submission: CD-ROM disks accepted. E-mail and FTP options should be discussed with the magazines production manager. All artwork (photographs, logos, clipart, etc.) and all fonts (both printer and screen fonts, Postscript Type 1 only) must be included. All incoming files must be supplied with a laser proof (or fax copy) for identification.
Digital proofs
In a digital prepress process, proofs are also printed from digital material. Digital proofs can be divided into two groups: content proofs and contract proofs. Digital contract proofs are characterized by high quality.

Content proof: Important! - Content proof must be supplied for identification. The proof is produced using a printer or copier. The proof can be used to make a rough check on the accuracy of the text and coloring (“red is red”), but the colors do not correspond to the printed end product.

Contract proofs: Important! - Contract proof - optional. By contract proofs is meant proofs which can be used to check color tones. The proof is made on a proofing machine calibrated for print quality (e.g. Digital Cromalin, Iris or other Eurostandard (coated)-compliant contract proof). Along with the proofs come quality control elements, which can be used to measure the color tones, dot gain and overprint values of the print. We require the use of quality control elements. Color cannot be guaranteed unless an acceptable proof is provided.

PLEASE NOTE! With contract proofs the following limitations may be encountered:– It is not always possible to predict the influence on print quality of the paper used in the printing. – It is not always possible to keep the final printed product identical to the proof as far as all color tones are concerned. – If the digital proof technique does not produce halftone dots, moiré effects caused e.g. by difficult textile patterns might not be reproduced on the proofs.
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